Some common Myths & Misconceptions about Homoeopathy which are prevalant are :

"THAT" Homoeopathy is very slow acting & of use only in chronic illnesses.
"HOWEVER ", in fact even in acute situations & conditions e.g. fevers, acute sore throats, injuries, burns, insect bites etc. , correct observation & eliciting appropriate symptoms & a keen eye & open mind help in prescribing for these acute conditions.

"THAT" while taking Homoeopathic medicines one is forbidden a no. of things such as raw onions, garlic, coffee, spices , tea , alcohol or smoking.
"HOWEVER" since all Homoeopathic medicines are absorbed from the tongue & buccal mucosa ( inner lining of the mouth ) -- which is abundantly supplied with nerve endings, it is advised to patients that they refrain from eating or drinking anything for 15 minutes before & after taking the Homoeopathic medicine. Also it is wiser to rinse one's mouth if one has eaten anything strong smelling such ar garlic onion etc. Excess of coffee, alcohol, tobacco are restricted ( as they are stimulants) esp. in patients who are restless or anxious.

"THAT" Homoeopathy is just ' sweet pills' with only placebo effect.
"HOWEVER" scientific double blind randomised clinical trials & carefully conducted clinical provings of these dilutions ( Homoeopathic medicines ) prove otherwise & these trials have been duly recorded & can be repeated

"THAT" with Homoeopathy, other conventional medicines such as anti-Hypertensive or Anti-diabetic drugs have to be totally discontinued.
"HOWEVER" this in fact is not a fact. Homoeopathy treats the individual patient as a whole human being in context of the long term health & well being & even with conventional medicines, it is imperitive that patients continue their medication which are acting on the physiological plane, but do so judiciously & under the guidance of experienced physicians.

"THAT" Homoeopathic medicines contain STEROIDS
When appropriate Homoeopathic medicines act fast & help acute conditions, people often ask or feel that the physicians are using steroids in the garb of Homoeopathy for quick results, irrespective of its sequelae or side effects. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. A good Homoeopathic prescription which is geared towards stimulating & helping the body's defense system ( Immune System ) & works as an immuno-modulator, gives very satisfying results in acute cases as well. Homoeopathic remedies which are by & large derived from the plant kingdom do have certain alkaloids that are as effective as steroids & these are extracted & made into Homoeopathic medicines. These however ARE NOT STEROIDS & DO NOT GIVE RISE TO ANY STEROID LIKE SIDE EFFECTS

"THAT" in Cancers, Homoeopathy is not advisable esp. in conjunction with radio- & chemotherapy.
"HOWEVER" the prime role of helping the patient's immune status & promoting & restoring health is highlighted when Homoeopathic medicines are used to help such patients whose blood counts reduce after chemotherapy & these wonderful piils boost their general resistance

"THAT" Homoeopathy is not safe & cannot be prescribed during pregnancy or to lactating/nursing mothers.
"HOWEVER", these infinitesmal minute doses, which have been prepared in dilutions which donot cause any toxicity, pathogenecity; but on the contrary help the person's individual constitution & immune system & are useful for the Mother-to-be's general resistance as well as for problems encountered during pregnancy like nausea, vomiting etc. without any iatrogenic risk

"THAT" Homoeopathy can make one grow tall or make one lose those extra kilos & make you slim & trim.
Wish it was so !!! What if with consuming sugar pills one could have an Arnold Schwartzneggar physique or grow tall like the basketball players. Unfortunately that isn't so, for genetics, as well as environmental factors govern the growth, weight etc. & these medicines do not necessarily modify these influences; but help promote health & help the nature in doing so.