Would you believe that sand can cure a large festering boil without surgery or antibiotics, or that common salt can cure severe migraines or chronic depression, or that grass can be used to cure acute & chronic colitis. But it is true. This is the magic of Homoeopathy, the pathy which can transform sand, grass, salt & thousands of other substances into powerful medicines capable of curing diseased people. So what is Homoeopathy & how does it work. The word HOMOEOPATHY is made up of two Greek words " HOMOIS " meaning "LIKE " & "PATHOS" meaning " SUFFERING". Homoeopathy is the study of medicines rather than diseases.

Homoeopathy is a specialised system of medicine based on the NATURAL LAW OF HEALING - likes are cured by likes -- SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR. This law was first observed by the Father of Modern Medicine - Hippocrates , but it was Hahnemann who actually put it to practical use in curing the sick. The Homoeopathic law of cure was known to the ancient physicians of our country. In Bhagwat Purana, it is said :

"Amyo Yashrch Bhootanam Jayate Yen Suvrata Tadev hmnamayam dravyam no Punatu Chikitsanam"

"A substance when taken by a living being causes an ailment, but does not the same substance when prescribed according to a special mode of preparation remove the similar ailment ?"

During Hahnemann's times, very crude methods like blood letting, burning with red hot iron, use of emetics & purgatives etc. were used without any scientific basis. Therefore he wanted the cure to be rapid, gentle & permanent & also to be scientific & logical. Besides the natural law of similars, Homoeopathy also makes use of the ARNDT SCHULTZ LAW which states "Opposite effects of stimulation can be produced by different doses of the same drug. eg. alcohol produces hyperactivity in smaller doses & in larger doses it depresses the nervous system".

Homoeopathy uses this opposing effect to bring about cure in a manner somewhat similar to that seen in vaccinations & desensitizing methods employed in modern times.

A small dose of medicine is given ( after having been prepared according to strict rules/procedures laid down by Hahnemann ) to stimulate the body defences. The body reacts to these antigens by producing antibodies against it - thereby raising the immunity of the patient to fight the disease. It thus acts as a powerful IMMUNE-MODULATOR. e.g. Just as a small dose of tetanus toxide introduced in the body protects it against Tetanus, similarly the minute dose of the Homoeopathic medicine -- Coffea { which in large, crude doses produces sleeplessness } is given to cure sleeplessness ; or minute doses of medicine prepared from onion { Allium Cepa } which in crude form produces watering of eyes & nose is used Homoeopathically to cure severe Allergic Rhinitis ( sneezing & cold ) Hahnemann believed that disease is caused by imbalance or derangement of the VITAL FORCE which maintains the mental, physical & moral balance of an individual. Homoeopathic medicines help the body help itself in correcting this imbalance & thus while removing the presenting acute symptoms, also helps in preventing similar diseases from recurring in the future by raising the body's immunity.